cultural values defines Africa, this is igbo masquerade during festivals

Cultural values defines Africa, this is igbos masquerade during festivals.

Most even in igbo land is mark with masquerade dance, masquerade symbolizes greatness and it is often use during festivals and occasions like new yam festivals, burial etc.

The igbo masquerade doesn’t come out all the time it comes out when there’s a new for it, and the men or women behind or inside the masquerade is not known to the general public before and after the event, though its believe that women don’t carry masquerade.

Usually masquerade looks terrible and people often run away from it especially the ones that moves around with Cain.

There are masquerade in igbo land that women especially pregnant woman must not come in Connect with face to face.

There are some that comes out only at night  maybe during kings coronation or during rituals and it will be announced to the general public and warning will be passed across for everyone to stay at home for the night.

There’s also a masquerade festival in igbo land and visitors troop in yearly to watch the magic and dance steps of the masquerade.

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