I have no reason to rig election -president buhari

I have no reasons to rig election

President buhari

Nigeria Presidential and national assembly elections is scheduled to hold on the 23rd of February 2019, the presidential candidate of the All Progress Congress (APC) has come out to assure Nigerians of his commitment to the rule of law.

President buhari said despite being the seating president, he will not use the aso rock power to rig election as it has been done in the past, I have no reason to rig election because I know that victory is ours.

He said and I quote “I will never use my powers to rig election. I don’t need to. I won’t disrepect Nigerians. We want a process that will allow Nigerians to choose freely. I have gone round the country, with what I saw, I have no reason to rig election. with the recent developments, I am optimistic that I will win this election,

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