There was no proper provision to punish the electorial offenders in 2015.

Taiwo Adejumo, a lawyer and social commentator says the violence that marred some polls in Saturday’s Presidential and National Assembly elections mightare avoided if people who perpetrated it in 2015 were fined.

She explicit this on Sunday on a TV program aired on on the Channels television on the 2019 General Elections.

Adejumo noted that voters WHO could nurse the thought of unleashing mayhem on innocent voters would be relinquished doing therefore if the laws governing penalisation of violators were properly enforced.

“Everything we tend to do straight away in Nigeria if we are able to solely savvy right and say if this person will this and this, this could be the penalisation.

“If we tend to had fined offenders before like in 2015, this is able to not happen as a result of no one desires to be fined. If there’s a law that claims if anybody kills anybody on that day this and this can be the penalisation.”

According to her, the nation’s criminal justice system isn’t as effective as it ought to be. She concerned its correct implementation.

Although the Presidential and National Assembly elections areconducted, Adejumo cautioned against a return of violence in consequent elections within the country.

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