Tiv Culture: One of the most outstanding culture in Nigeria

The Beautiful Culture and Tradition of a Tiv Nation.

Where To Find Tiv People.

Tiv people are found in the middle belt region of Nigeria from Benue, Nassarawa, Taraba, plateau state and also part Cameron.

Fact About Tiv People

Tiv people are predominantly Christians, lovely people, dedicated, hard working, strong and entertaining.

Tiv people are great farmers of yam, maize, melon, cassava, orange, mangos, ground nut etc.

Tiv has boundary with igede of Benue in south east, Iyala , Gakem and Obudu in Cross River, chambam and Jukun people of Taraba state in the north east and Idoma of Benue in the south.

The TIV tribe is known for their rich cultures and traditional practices associated with their existence and are envied by many.

Dress Code

Tiv people have so much regards for cultures and traditions, this tradition has have been passed from the first generations to the present generation. Despite the presence of western civilization, the Tiv cultures and tradition is waxing stronge as this can also be seen in their dress code.

Tiv has a traditional attire called Angeer, Angeer is the most popular form of traditional dress code in tiv land, it has a unique black and white color, beautifully traditionally made of a trips woven. Angeer is also used during coronation of a king, marriage ceremonies, festivals and occasions, elders meetings and other important event in Tiv land.



Tiv people are widely known for their unique pattern of music and dancing. They use the following instrument to create the beautiful traditional music that has captured the attention of around the world.

  1. Kakaki: It’s a Royal instrument used only during king’s coronation, king/prince or prince’s marriages, birth of a Kings son, during an attack on the community or to summon the villagers.

2.Iiyu: A light wooden instrument used to invite the elders to the kings palace or to announce death in the community.

  1. Indyer : Its use to announce the success of a good harvest and festivals to the people.
  2. gbande: unlike other instrument use for announcement, gbande is basically used for entertainment purposes during festivals and occasions like coronation and death of a king, it produces strong rhythms.
  3. Adiguve: It’s used during festivals and occasions its also symbolic during the death of an elder, Adiguve is the most popular instrument used by the Tiv people.

Tiv Nation And Origin

The origin of tiv nation is linked to Lieutenant-colonel huge Trenchard lead expedition in 1907-1908.

According research, Tiv people are descendant of a man call Takurudu gbe, Awanje and karagbe. Takurudu gbe has two sons; Ichonogoa and Ipsu. Ichongo the first son gave birth to gondo, Ikyura, Nongo, Ihar, Mase, and Turan while Ipsu gave birth to Shitire, kum and Kpar these are the direct descendant of of Tiv people, this direct descendant of Tiv nation settle in a village Swerm at first and spread from the hills of the south eastern part of the Tiv land to the middle belt region.

Marriage In Tiv Land

Marriage is one of the most important traditions in Tiv land rooted and there are four (4) types of marriages:

  1. Kwase-ngohol (Marriege by capture): This was an interesting kind of marriage in Tiv land; it’s a marriage by force, snatch or more like kidnapping. In this type of marriage a man will have to kidnap the woman that he desires (not minding if she is married or not) and take her far away from her comfort zone to a far country or village and take good care of her and treat her well until the lady get to accept him as her husband, though this type of marriage often result to inter-clan war. Another branch of this type of marriage is by luring a lady/woman from another country or community, most at times this happens when a man dance in a foreign country and get loved by ladies who comes to watch, this dancer this can be describe as a honorable marriage.
  2. Kwase u sha uikya (marriege by slavery): here ladies are captured as slaves and married off if not sold into slavery, this type of marriage has coursed war between the Gakem and Obudu community of Ogoja, cross river state and Vandikya people of Benue state in the past generation.
  3. Yamshe: ( marriage by exchange): In this type of marriage, a man in search of a wife will approach another man who is also searching for a wife, both parties will come to an agreement perhaps the first man will have to exchange his daughter, sister or even his old wife with the second man who also gave a sister or a daughter to get a wife.
  4. Modern  marriage rules: European administration abolished all forms or marriages in Tiv land and ordered that all marriages should come with bride price before taking a wife and today this type of marriage is widely accepted in Nigeria and Africa at large and is currently practice in Tiv land till date. #enejist



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