Have you heard of IGEDE tribes?

Have you heard of IGEDE tribes?

The Igede tribe: the third largest tribe within the present day Benue State of nigeria. they’re the natives of obi and Oju local government Areas of Benue state in nigeria.

the subsequent is an outline of the Igede Tribe in Nigeria:

History: One supply claims the Igede tribe to be migrants from the Ogoja province in Cross river state, though this point appears to be true because of the strictly resemblance.

the ogoja people of Cross River State and the igede people of benue practice almost the same cultures and traditions. Marriages, festivals, language and occupation. with this fact, one will believe that Igede people are descendants of the ogoja’s.

Though another supply claims they’re descendants of 1 ‘Agba’, a high chief in SabonGidaOra, within the present day Edo state.

Their subsidence in Benue state was but a operate of the conflict between them and therefore the natives of Ora, that led to their migration from Edo state to Benue state through Nsukka, Enugu state.

The Economy of the Igede Tribe: Being settled in what’s thought to be the ‘Food Basket’ capital of nigeria, it might be simply foreseen that the Igede individuals have farming because the mainstay of their economy, with commodities like maize, cassava, groundnut and yams being mostly cultivated at industrial levels.

The Igede nation attaches tons of significance to yam farming; yield and harvest. Therefore, a foremost competition of the Igede individuals is that the ‘Agba’ festival; a vibrant annual celebration put aside to celebrate the yam harvest season in Sept.

The competition is named the New Yam festival, that depicts the importance of Yam to the culture and economy of the Igede individuals.

The festival is meant to conjointly celebrate the dignity of labour, hard work, openhandedness similarly because the resilient spirit induced by farmers every farming season. Summarily, the IgedeAgba festival is thought to be the foremost necessary day to the standard Igede man and descendants of Agba.

This is as a result of, it creates the platform for several families to reunite, specific love, foster unity and communalism at intervals the Igede tribe.

The Igede individuals have a spread of delicacies; one in every of which is that the Oho NyiEhia(or the Beniseed Soup).

Another soup is that the Ibehi Soup that is formed from Melon, the Igede version of the ‘Egusi soup’. Most of those soups square measure typically well ‘garnished’ with bush meat.

Their love for yam has already been expressed, most that the special festival with regard to Yam-The IgedeAgba.

Marriage Ceremony: The Igede tribe-because of their Christian beliefs and shut affinity with their tradition- place stress on each church (white wedding) and ancient wedding ceremonies.

The traditional wedding but carries a lot of stress most times, particularly wherever the couple have monetary limitations, and think about the church wedding as a secondary ceremony.

The process is sometimes initiated once a matured male sees a damosel he’s inquisitive about, and seeks systematization by taking his family, kinship group Elders or relatives to her family to point or communicate such interest. The systematization is symbolized by the utilization of Kola-nuts and Palm wine, to that associate acceptance by the woman and her family is indicative of a ‘go-ahead’.

The ‘go-ahead’ suggests that the suer will offer the in agreement dower and from there, continue with the wedding plans. The gift in Igede land is mentioned as ‘Ekwuotaba’. However, ‘carnal knowledge’ between the intending couples is taboo before the ultimate wedding rites square measure performed.

Religious Beliefs: The activities of missionaries in nigeria has wedged the Igede individuals, so a bulk of the population square measure currently professed Christian with some, still clinging to the African ancient faith.

Traditional Outfit: the normal apparel of the Igede individuals is characterised by associate outfit comprising of blue, black and white stripes.

Previously, the normal ruler of the Igede tribe was mentioned as Ad’Utu. however thanks to some conflict as regards the ‘heir’ to the stool when the end of an exact Ad utu (Chief IkandeIdikwu), the ability was divided between 2 stools: Ad’Obi and Ad’Oju,with neither being superior however rather, serving as assistants to the Och’Idoma, who is that the preponderant ruler of each the Idoma tribe and therefore the Igede tribe. there’s conjointly a reference created to the AdirahuNyi’Igede(the king of Igede).

A few necessary things to notice include: foremost, that the Igede tribe claim they’re not associated with the Idoma tribe; neither culturally nor biologically.

Therefore, they’re entirely 2 separate teams at intervals identical state, which is as shut because it gets. However, some deposit records portray them as having associate more and more adoption of the culture and practices of the Idoma.

It is conjointly necessary to notice that the Igede individuals aren’t solely found in Benue state, however they exist in massive numbers in Osun and Ogun states of nigeria.

The Igede language is additionally well spoken in some components of Cross watercourse state.

“The Social Relations of Identity Construction and Reconstruction among Ethnic Broups in Benue State.

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