How Ogah Jumbo Was Killed by Nigeria Police Officers.

JUMBO OGAH was beaten to death by the Nigeria police in Abuja.

Jumbo graduated from Bayero University Kano.

JUMBO OGAH was an Assistant Superintendent of Civil Defense Corps. He was said to be driving and fully dressed in his Uniform while taking his two children to school and his wife was also in the car.

In a hurry to get his children to school early and to meet up the resumption time at his office, Ogah took a one way drive in other to over run the traffic and the police stopped him.

He tried to explain but the Police dragged him out of his vehicle and started beating him with baton, Says his wife who was an eye witness in tears.

Before taking him to the station Ogah was roughly handled by the police officer even right inside the police van the police still hit him even though his was fully dressed in his uniform.

The Nigeria police officers killed him in front of his wife and two children and this came to a conclusion that Nigeria is really hopeless.

yes I agreed that no one is above the low and I also believe that no one is above mistakes, and I’m very sure that his offence doesn’t deserve what he got.

the Nigeria police has never been in a good book of this country, they are so unprofessional in discharging their civil duties, I think all the police officers in Nigeria should go back to training including the inspector general of police.

Ogah Jumbo was believed to be a carbon copy of his beautiful mother.

My question is : How can you beat a man to death in front of his wife and children for a traffic offense? Is there no other way to solve or punish the offenders? Why does police hate NSCDC so much? And for the fact that this man is a security personnel fully dressed in his uniform and not just a civilian even if he’s a civilian, does the law says the police should beat offenders or arrest them?

If a security personnel as Ogah Jumbo working with recognised federal government security Agency can be killed this way, what is the hope of a common man?

Now I am very scared of this country, and the mad set of people recruited as police officers, I don’t feel safe and no body is safe anymore.

In the broad day light the police beat Ogah to death, in front of his wife and children.

Is the Nigeria of our dream? Nigeria police has rewarded Ogar with DEATH for serving the country.

This post is to call /drew the attentions of all Nigerians home and abroad to please fight for Ogah Jumbo atleas for the sake of his two kids that witnessed his death without saying GOOD BYE to their father.

By Austine Obogo (Enejist)


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