they left their families and love ones behind.

war is not a carnival, war is not in anyway improving our economy, war is taking away the joy of the land, war has taking away that sweet moment with love ones.

terrorism takes away freedom, itstake friendship, it destroy our economy, it takes away the joy of saving God.

let us love one another, lets forgive one another, we can live in peace as one.

We are Nigerians, the pride of Africa
They left everything behind to fight the enemies for us to sleep in peace.
He love you more than everyone
He died in battle for your freedom, he has kids, a wife and family members who loved him so much

He died and forgotten, his family could not say a final good bye to him
Finally the battle is won but out 5000, only 2 came back home to their love ones, war sound waaaaar.
I beg for peace
by Austine Obogo
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