Where are the Bakasi Boys After They Ended Derico Nwamama’s Criminal Activities In Nigeria

The Bakassi Boys are a group of youth known for their anti-crime vigilantism, and are usually armed with machetes and guns. They operate in the Igbo area of Nigeria, and are sometimes accused of illegal activities and human rights abuses, yet enjoy popular support in the areas where they operate. 

Nigeria has had her justifiable share of notable armed robbers like Dr Ishola Oyenusi and Abiodun Egunjobi who terrorised the whole South-west. Lawrence Anini who treated the whole South-South.

And Here is the Story of Derico Nwamama who control the whole South-East to a stand-still (Especially Anambra State). His real name is Okwudili Ndiwe A.K.A Derico Nwamama!
Derico began as a urchin in Onitsha, then graduated to a pickpocket, so to a dreadful Criminal whose mere mention of his name sent shivers down the spines of each single creature within the entire South East a part of Nigeria.


Indeed, long before Derico became notable for his Exploits within the town of Onitsha, the whole Anambra State was underneath the management of another unpitying, merciless and Cold purebred Armed thief called Chiejina…

Under the Reign of Chiejina and his gang, all residents of Onitsha were living in worry. In fact, a police officer once told American state a horrible story regarding Chiejina.

He aforesaid that on 16th of february 1999, 2 days when valentine celebration, Chiejina, functioning on a tip-off enclosed a family in Onitsha hoping to induce cash from the person of the house, however sadly, the person didn’t penetrate with cash, he had gone to the bank before going home.

Chiejina became thus infuriated that he grabbed the man’s 4months recent son, vulnerable to throw the baby from a three level building, and once the person and his spouse weren’t forthcoming together with his demands, he flung the baby from three level building and shot the person double within the head!.

In the year 1999 december that Chiejina attacked Isiokwe station together with his gang, set station afire together with vehicles and plenty of bikes, Chiejina and his gang were shooting over one hour.

They additionally tried to enter the house of 1 richman that lives close to the station called Ceaser Onwa Abioko to no avail. many people did not recognize Derico however once he killed Chiejina the wicked armed thief proverbial by nearly everyone he became fashionable. Derico’s boys would steal from folks, once u meet him because the chief vigilanted cluster and complain, you’ll pay him some cash, whereas he would fake to travel when those robbers. He would tell you once to come back to collect your things he recovered from those robbers whereas they were his boys. Everyday is for the malefactor and at some point for the owner of the house. Derico did not reign so long however people weren’t sleeping well when he was alive…

In fact, Reports have it that he forced families to possess unlawful carnal knowledge before of him for his own amusement. He forced Fathers to have it off their daughters and Mothers to have it off their sons, Refusal meant death!

Derico and Chiejina were excellent friends at that point and additionally colleagues within the stickup Business, a relationship that started throughout the notable Umuleri/Aguleri War… however Derico wasn’t primarily based in Onitsha then, he was primarily based in Abuja, the Federal Capital territory and solely visited the east from time to time to hold out his theft operations with most terror.

And when descending a torrent of bullets and gunshot upon the pitiable and unequipped officers of the Nigerian Police and defenceless Nigerians, he would speed back to his protection, together with his loot, safe on the laps of power, luxury and luxury.

But in line with reports, wahala started in Nov 1999, when the then obi Of Onitsha, HRH obi Ofala Okagbue rallied Onitsha-Ado Youths to assist curb the ever rising Crime within the town to alter indigenes who ran away to come for the Christmas Celebration of that year…

Ado youths then weekday along side a number of the ill-famed armed robbers to understand the way to settle them and have peace come to town of Onitsha…
Chiejina and Derico were gift within the meeting!

But after the meeting, the deadly Chiejina refused to square down, in fact, he attacked some members of the rumpus Youth and have become even additional unpitying within the entire State!
Ado Youths sought-after the assistance of his bosom friend, Derico however it didn’t yield a lot of fruit, so that they determined to administer him a style of his own medicine!

They liaised with Derico and a few special law enforcement officials to raid Chiejina and his gang.

The Operation wasn’t all winning as a result of Chiejina wasn’t gift at the time however members of his gang were rounded up and sent to The Central station, Onitsha.

When Chiejina learnt what happened, he felt betrayed by his bosom friend, Derico, and stupidly regarding the implications, known as on his chief assistant who additionally doubled as his bike man, Amobi, to require him straight to Derico’s parent’s house.

On obtaining there, he met Derico’s father and adorned the person with voluminous bullets!!!

Derico detected regarding it and commenced for revenge right away, he saw Chiejina getting ready to Emmanuel Church at Ugwunokpamba road, Onitsha and pumped up in voluminous bullets into the nice Chiejina, and also the Iroko of the Underworld fell into a gutter…
Derico then place Chiejina into a go-cart and wheeled him to the station at Isiokwe, Onitsha.

An unofficial report claimed that Chiejina didn’t die on the spot, that whereas within the go-cart, he begged Derico to kill him and not take him to the station alive. Derico then obligated him and pumped up in one final shot to finish the evil reign of 1 of Nigeria’s meanest Criminals!

On going to the station, Officers were terpsichore and celebrating, they upraised Derico up because their Hero and celebrated him as the King of the city.
Little did they recognize that they simply topped a additional wicked soul, the King and shielder of Onitsha!

After the death of Chiejina, Derico became the undisputed Emperor of Terror within the Land. the whole Anambra State was within the soup and also the geographic area won’t be spared too!
At some purpose, Derico used the city of Umuleri as his hideaway.

Then from there, he would issue threatening messages to the police that they’re going to get killing members of his gang.
He additionally maintained bases in different cities like Agbor, benin and Asaba.

Indeed, the traders in Onitsha couldn’t show their wares with peace whereas several slept with one eye open. Derico pillaged business banks in Onitsha, truckage away scores of Nigerian monetary unit. Travellers who had to go through the state control their breath expecting the thug to strike at any time.

The then Governor of the state, Chinwoke Mbadinuju, became Associate in Nursing recent man over night with worries on the way to handle the menace of Derico.

He was delineated because the personification of terror. From Nnewi to Nkpor, all the way down to Onitsha, up to Asaba, from the villages in Umuleri to cities in Ihiala, the recent and also the young, Men, ladies and kids were panicked at the mere whisper of Derico Nwamama.

He took over people’s Lands, Businesses, Wives and all his members together with members of his family got away with something as a result of they were associated with him!
At that point, he was aforesaid to be invisible and will not be inactive.

According to reports, Derico Nwamama killed over two hundred people together with twenty five law enforcement officials whose lives he pitilessly wasted. He was a master of unnumbered bus robberies and can not sleep double before pumping his hot lead bullets into the beating hearts of helpless victims.

And when his winning raids, he would boast and declare himself unvanquishable. Derico gave the impression to have placed loads of religion and confidence within the charms ready for him by the normal witch doctors.

Indeed, Governor Mbadinuju wasn’t the sole one disturbed regarding the reign of terror perpetrated by Derico Nwamama as even President Olusegun Obasanjo was infuriated that the criminal was left to unleash terror in a very a part of African country.

The police were helpless and had lost several men to the dreadful brigand and appeared at wits endways what to try and do to bring him and his gang to book. In could 2001, the Anambra State Police Command launched the Operation Derico, that was aimed toward capturing Derico and his gang members the least bit value.

The police managed to arrest a number of Derico’s men however he was still elusive as he unbroken in operation with reckless abandon, robbing, killing and capture innocent Nigerians.


In december 2000, Derico and his gang committed the worst crime proverbial to man until date!
They attacked a 59-seater-Luxurious Bus stuffed to the brim at the popular higher Iweka. The bus was near to leave for urban center.

After robbing each single person within the bus, they determined to kill everyone on board! together with ladies and kids, and pitilessly, the devil himself (Derico) gave the orders and his men shot all the passengers, execution vogue and left them for dead! (Only four people survived the ordeal)!

After that alarming incident, the then Governor of Anambra State, Chinwoke Mbadinuju didn’t have the other alternative however to usher in the dreadful Bakassi Boys to assist save the State.

Bakassi Boys in Action
On Tuesday, July 3, 2001, (If this date is your birthday, then u merit one bottle of no matter your whole and one plate of Nkwobi as a result of that was the day Onitsha, and so Anambra State was liberated)!

On the third of july, 2001, Derico was on a bus going from Agbor to Onitsha, on going to the Onitsha axis of the Bridge Head, The dreadful Bakassi Boys stopped the bus.

Sensing danger, The Crime Lord Jumped the Window to run away, however before he might create the primary when jumping out, the closest Bakassi member on the scene cut off his left ear which was however Derico was captured.

And For a person who thought he was on top of the law and will not be captured, it had been funny however he started crying and pleading for his life. He was taken to Borromeo Hospital for treatment cos he was trauma extravagantly.

When news of his capture stony-broke, ever single creature in Anambra State celebrated as if it had been the Advent of Christ!

Indeed, Derico met his finish in an awful manner. Before then, the Bakassi Boys had developed a terrible and blood-chilling name for handling suspects and Derico’s days were certainly numbered from once he was caught.

On the ninth of july 2001, six days when Derico was captured at the Niger Bridge, the Bakassi Boys did to him what several had earlier expected. singing war songs, they drove in their convoy round the city and finished at the Ochanja Market Junction on the favored higher Iweka Road in Onitsha.

As their buses came to a halt, shouts of pleasure and expectation rented the air. several knew the fate that might befall Derico, so that they all trooped to the spot to witness the ultimate judgment on him.

Derico was dragged out from the bus, wanting thin and severely overwhelmed, a trademark of the unpaid worker cluster. His body bore cuts and gashes, a testament to what he should have knowledgeable in their hands. He should even have proverbial that the day of reckoning has return.

He was in obvious pains however nobody gave the impression to care. Still singing war songs and egged on by the fascinated crowd, one in every of the commanders of the Bakassi Boys named Okpompi, self-addressed the gang, telling them they were within the state not for politics however to fight crime.

He handed over the microphone to the currently trembling Derico who, sort of a coward, began mendicancy for his life to be spared. He created feeble tries at declaring his innocence:

“My name is Oddy, alias Derico, alias Nwa Mama. I attractiveness to you the people of Anambra State, please don’t kill me, I don’t like evil. it had been after I killed Chiejina that people thought i’m a robust guy, you know.
I trust Bakassi Boys. they’re sturdy. Please, mercy on behalf of me. no one will determine me as having robbed him. people simply believe that i’m a robust guy.”

He confessed that whereas he was on the run, he was protected by a member of the National Assembly in Abuja. He additionally confessed that he had 2 different powerful protectors, one being a member of the Anambra State House of Assembly whereas the opposite was the chairman of an area government council.

What was to follow remains one of the foremost gruesome displays of public executions in nigeria. With the speed of a guillotine, a steel handled within the sturdy arm of 1 of the Bakassi Boys flew and weakened with an unforgiving thud, landing on Derico’s slim neck. In a flash, Derico was headless.

TAKE an intermission AT this time AND PLACE YOURSELF ON THE SCENE! MIND YOU, THIS fashionable DERICO WAS simply twenty two YEARS recent once HIS HEAD LEFT HIS SHOULDERS!!!

His cut off head rolled on the ground before the gang whereas his convulsing body folded on the bottom, with bright-red blood gushing from his arterial blood vessel arteries. it had been as if a sacrifice to the gods had simply taken place.

The crowd was glad and as way because the Bakassi Boys were involved, that was a transparent lesson and message to any criminal dead set creating life miserable for the Anambrarians.

With the lifeless remains of Derico still lying on the ground, the people erupted in jubilation, patting each other on the backs and exchanging mutual congratulations when a monstrously grotesque show of iron and blood. That wasn’t the tip.

Razor-sharp machetes flew from totally different directions and cut his pitiful remains into sizable chunks. Derico’s mangled remains were concentrated up, properly rinsed with fuel and assail hearth.

Derico Burnt to Ashes

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