Month: April 2019

Paint your car with Enejist master sprey

Do you have a write off car and want to revive it back to it original? Or do you want to change the color of your car? Do you want to upgrade your car? Well, we are here for you so look no further, bring your old car, we transform it into a new one

The biggest scammers in Nigeria today are pastors not yahoo boys

In a country like Nigeria where 95% of people are poor, pastors are buying private jet with money milk out of poor members, some of this members who are living in abject poverty can’t feed 3 times a day, can’t dress well, can’t even take care of their medical bills, their children don’t go to


. EVERY WOMAN SHOULD READ THESE 30 RULES FOR GODLY WOMEN—–by Genevieve Nnaji 1). Never raise your voice for any reason to your husband. Its a sign of disrespect.(Prov 15v1) 2). Don’t expose your husband’s weaknesses toyour family and friends. It will bounce back at you.You are each other’s keeper.(Eph 5v12) 3). Never use attitudes

How Biafra Will Be Run: Nnamdi Kanu

the controversial leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra in the person of Nnamdi Kanu speak on how the biafra government will be run if declared a nation he started by saying THIS IS BIAFRA. Biafra will run a unique political system designed to carter for the needs of our people. We are going to


Now If you look at the pictures attached to this sermon, you will notice that the religious leaders are wearing a hat that looks like an open mouth of a fish. I know that many of you have seen a “fish” symbol on cars and that symbol and we will say it’s a sign “Christianity”.

The Hidden History Of Our Stolen Identity Revealed

HOW THEY TOOK OUR IDENTITY Africans behaves the way they do because, so many histories about Africans that could redeem the African spirit in us are still hidden and might not be known until the end of the world. they white did not only came to take us as slaves but to hold us captives