Before marriage

the step you must take before marriage, marriage is one institution that offers certificates before you begins your study Unlike a school where you study and the exams will be set based on what you have been taught before getting the certificate.

In marriage you get the certificate before you even starts studying this means that, this institution has no fixed date for exams but the exams comes every day of your life and you know what it means to write exams everyday as a student (sounds funny right).

note : expect unexpected

By Austine Obogo

As you’re preparing for marriage, be open and honest about who you truly are. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not and certainly don’t pretend as if your potential spouse is perfect either. That is one of the mistakes too many single ladies and gentlemen make. Don’t tell yourself that person you want to marry can never do any wrong.

When you ask some individuals what areas they feel their fiancée should improve on, they give answers like “oh, I just love everything about her” and so on. Hope for the best but don’t lie to yourself and don’t remain in the infatuation phase! If you’re getting married to a human being, that person definitely has areas of improvement (just like you do) and there are times you both will offend each other (unintentionally, I hope).

It is wisdom to speak up and address such things before marriage. If you notice that he/she throws temper tantrums, for example, don’t tell yourself you’ll manage them that way; speak up so there can be a change! And don’t get defensive when you’re told; there’s no need to take it personally. Talk about what you both need to be aware of in yourselves and make a deliberate effort to prune away negative traits for the good of your relationship and your future marriage.

Pease note; don’t be a fault finder, don’t be the one always looking for what is wrong in a person but don’t be afraid to speak up either, when needed, especially if it is negatively impacting your relationship! Too much time is spent on pleasing each other in courtship that the most critical things are often overlooked! Too many are afraid to be real and tell each other the truth but when they get married, all the things they claimed to love in each other, they suddenly despise. Stop deceiving yourself and don’t remain “blind” otherwise marriage will give you a very rude awakening.


Marriage is not a paradise neither a hell but a learning field. Thanks for reading


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