If any man or woman open his or her mouth to curse me the same shall be curse SEVEN times and to his/her SEVENTH GENERATIONS.

Who is that man that is ordained to curse me or any child of God let him come out and do so now and see the bout come of it, its laughable to ever believe that someone somewhere will curse me for speaking against his / her evil activities, well just be warned because no one can curse me or any child of God. Those witch craft they are practicing in the name of prayers can’t work for me because I am a child ordained by God and I will not stop until they stopped

every one is afraid to speak against the evil pastors, I call them biblical business men who rub children of God so they can live large.

some one called me on phone after reading my post and shamelessly told me that I should stop speaking against pastors to avoid being curse and I asked her curse by who?? But she couldn’t answer me. I don’t blame her but the pastor who have deceived her into believing that no one can speak against the pastors or be cursed

if you think you know tell me where its written that I will be curse if I speak against the evil pastors I can’t call them men of God because they are not.

its my duty as a Christian, as a child of God to defend the house of my father I am not trying to compare myself to Jesus Christ but I will to remind you all that Jesus Christ did, the Bible said he chased away the people who turn the house of God into a business place and he Jesus was living the world he said go into the world and preach the gospel and that gospel include speaking against the evil pastors.

I will not be afraid of their height or size not even the large congregation or their evil gotten wealth, I will speak against them at all times and I will advise those who are planning to stop me to stop there or get punished by God.

Speak against me if you like but don’t try to stop or you will be stopped final by God almighty so be warned.

someone become a pastor today and the next minute he’s already thinking of buying the most expensive car in turn, are you a shepherd? If you are a shepherd are you feeding your sheep’s? Under your whatch people are dying because they couldn’t afford medical bills, children are dropping out of school Your children school abroad, hunger every where all you think is to milk the people dry so you can live large.

the ministry of our Lord Jesus is Christ is not self riches if you can’t feed your sheep you better quit now or you will be disgrace soon.

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