Nnamdi Kanu accuse Nigeria security agencies of selling human organs of prisoners to India.

As I carefully listen to nnamdi kanu the leader of indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB last broadcast on radio biafra London on the 6th April 2019. In the broadcast he repeatedly accuse the federal government of Nigerian and the security agencies of selling human parts of prisoners to India, I don’t know how true is this claim but its a point we all must take serously and Nigeria government must come out to defend this allegations.

The IPOB leader said and I quote: My mission is very simple, to prove to the world especially the Nigeria law makers that what IPOB is doing is according to the Constitution of Nigeria therefore the persecution should stop.

Biafra will be the only country in Africa that can keep the law and stand justice and equity

Not only that they don’t obey the law, they’re ignorant of the law they’re suppose to interpret, Nyako

“Some lawyers in that zoo called Nigeria thinks that Common law and Sharia law are the same”.

If you’re not able to obey the laws you made, then you’re less a human.

Can you ask yourself how did Nigeria end up with Sharia court judge as the chief judge?

Nigeria is the highest human organs market in the world according to UN

Nigerian NJC is based on corruption, none of the judges in Nigeria obey the law even their SARS who harvest human organs.

Everyone is corrupt that is why Nigeria both SARS, police, Judges and others. If you go to DSS cell you will cry because if they arrest your relative and no body ask of you they will harvest their organs and sell it to India.

Why have all the ipob members that was arrest not taken to court when the Nigeria constitution is against detaining someone without trail.

Justice Ude, Emmanuel Chigbo and Uchenna Emenike all taken to Abuja and if no one comes for them they will kill them sell their parts to India, this is what is going on in sars, DSS and police cells across Nigeria

There is no law greater than the constitution.

All that Nigerian army does is to kill unarmed civilians and tomorrow they promote them to general.

‘Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (F-SARS) Harvest Organs For The Rulers Of The Nigeria.

“They keep talking about peace, but nobody talks about justice.

All that Nigerian army does is to kill unarmed civilians and tomorrow they promote them to general.

Some lawyers in that Nigeria thinks that Common law and Sharia law are the same.

Tonight I want to lay the foundation that lawlessness in Nigeria starts from these judges.

Do You Know That Nigeria is the largest market for organs in the world? Now you Know!

See how South Africans are killing fellow blacks in South Africa.
That tells you how stupid black people are.

A Fulani president died and they went to Sudan and brought an actor.

What they fail to understand is that I’m relying on the laws of the Nigerian of 1983.

Barely educated fools who claim to be educated where there’s no constant electricity.

They deployed brigades to come and kill me but they never deployed one brigade against Fulani herdsmen killing people.

We’re not afraid and do not be afraid because Biafra is coming.

Remain Blessed I love you all.


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