The biggest scammers in Nigeria today are pastors not yahoo boys

In a country like Nigeria where 95% of people are poor, pastors are buying private jet with money milk out of poor members, some of this members who are living in abject poverty can’t feed 3 times a day, can’t dress well, can’t even take care of their medical bills, their children don’t go to good schools, they don’t even live in a good environment, and the worst of it all they don’t have security.

In most cases the pastors will sell risk ban and stickers to members to serve as security but this so call pastors have armed security men around them. Why should a pastor moves around with security men?

Some pastors in Nigeria have turned Christianity into a money making machine MMM, there’s nothing wrong in pastors or men/women of God living well but not at the expense of the same members they are suppose to care for.

Nigeria have 4 of top 10 richest pastors in the world but we are the capital city of poverty. these so call men of God have brainwashed their members so what ever comes out of the pastors mouth is final, is that the message Jesus Christ left for us? is this the assignment Jesus Christ left behind? Is this what Jesus Christ died for?

the Bible told us that shepherd feeds the sheep’s but today some pastors in Nigeria have turn it up-side-down in other words, the sheep’s now feed the shepherd.

recently the founder of omega fire ministry in the person of apostle Johnson Suleiman reportedly join the league of jet pastors and acquired a private jet for himself, this is the same man who came very hard against the Nigerian government for not doing enough to help clear the poverty in Nigeria yet he has done nothing to help even the people under his watch.

This pastors build schools with offering and tith money made from their followers but the same people who pay this tith can’t afford to send their children to the same school built with their money.

we most and most stand up against these scanners who claim to be pastors without fear, enough is enough.

how much is a project jet and monthly maintenance and who much is our national yearly budget?

this Suleiman of a man have criticised the president severally for not doing enough to help to country but do know that the president doesn’t have a private jet of his own?

In conclusion I strongly believe that the problem of Nigeria is not the government but our pastors, you will agree with me that the church is closer to us than even the local government council talk more of the staye and federal government and this pastor who are close to us scammed us instead of helping us. This is wickedness, this is witch craft, this is evil, its criminal.


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