The Hidden History Of Our Stolen Identity Revealed


Africans behaves the way they do because, so many histories about Africans that could redeem the African spirit in us are still hidden and might not be known until the end of the world.

they white did not only came to take us as slaves but to hold us captives forever and in achieving their mission, they decided to colonize us and made us abandoned our traditions, cultures and believe. They also hid histories away from us, believe me when I said everything that happened in African was scripted by the white before carrying out the task and the script is still very much alive but its hidden from us.

In the other hand Nigerians are the most orkward people when it comes to history. politic of our slave masters is what we all bowl down to, the rules and regulations in Nigeria today was all laid down by our slave masters and its all set for their benefits and hence Nigeria politicians discovered it to be selfish, they embrace it with two hands and started from where the slave masters stopped now its call AFRICAN ENSLAVING AFRICANS (AEA)

Many of the ethnic groups that make up Nigeria has to be defeated and forced to accept British protection. That was why they were called PROTECTORATES. The British had to conduct ethnic cleansing to bring indigenous tribes into their protection and subsequently create NIGERIA.

As we all know there was the Northern area under British protection (NORTHERN PROTECTORATE) and the Southern Area under British Protection (Southern PROTECTORATES).

It became necessary to create this “Areas of Protection” because after the Berlin Conference of 1884/85, Europeans decided that instead of fighting war amongst themselves because of colonies in Africa, each European country should provide sufficient proof that a certain territory belongs to them, Hence the Scramble for territories and Areas of protection began.
•The Ijebu people were massacred and their territory brought under British protection in 1892. The British officer in charge of that massacre was a certain Colonel F. C. Scott.

The systematic genocide of the Bini people took place in 1897. Their precious artefacts, one of the finest the world has ever seen, was looted, and the area was brought under British protection.

•Sokoto Caliphate fell on February 1903 after the Battle of Kwatarkwashi.
•The Jukun were subdued in 1907.
•In 1895 the Brass people were massacred in one of the most gruesome ethnic cleansing humanity has ever witnessed, their leaders were jailed and their territory expropriates by the Royal Niger company.

•British Consul Ralph Moore In a bid to suppress the indigenous peoples of the present day Niger Delta, massacred over 700,000 Africans.

In Eastern Nigeria, the task was even harder because the people resented any form of centralized power.

The British had to engage in systemic massacres community by Community village by village before they could annex the area as a British protectorate.

the Mbaise people said that the defeat of the Aro by the British doesn’t apply to them. They waged war against the British from 1902 until 1917 (three years after the so called Amalgamation). To prove their point, the first warrant chief the British tried to impose on the Mbaise people, a certain Chief Nwogu was murdered by the people.

The Asaba people resented the British usupers in their midst and started the Ekumeku movement to purge out British influence. They fought bravely but the Maxim gun firing over 100 bullets per minute proved far too much for them.

In essence, British rule over the territory they’d call Nigeria later was imposed via wanton bloodshed.
After each massacre and subsequent British annexation, Christian missionaries moved in to soothe the anger of the people by preaching the gospel of Forgiveness and “Turn the other cheek” message, while also offering them the “Heavenly Jerusalem” palliative.

Having said that it is important to note that since that 1914, the North Have always made no secret of their deep conviction that the amalgamation of North and South in 1914 was an error.

In March 1953 the Northern political leader Sir Ahmadu Bello told the House of Representatives then in Lagos: ‘The mistake of 1914 has come to light, and I should like it to go no further.’

we need to learn from our mistakes and return to Africa as Africans.

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