Month: May 2019

History can’t lie, see the agreement that sold out Nigeria

Written by Austine Obogo before 1914 they was a visitor named Hugh Clapperton, and this is what transpired: “We do not want, Sir, our Southern neighbours to interfere in our development. I should like to make it clear to you that if the British quitted Nigeria now at this stage the Northern people would continue

Suicide is not a solution to problems, say no suicide and live.

The rate which suicide news is spreading in Nigeria is alarming, suicide has become a short cut to solve problems, young men now commit suicide at will, I therefor call on all Nigerians to join the campaign against suicide. Investigation has been alleged with all fingers pointing at DEPRESSION to be the cause, but why


marriage is the best institution in the world, in fact its the only institution recognised by God. marriage is the sweetest thing to ever exist in the world, God started it and made it sweet and place so much value on it but men reduced the value to just two which is “sex and child