History can’t lie, see the agreement that sold out Nigeria

Written by Austine Obogo

before 1914 they was a visitor named Hugh Clapperton, and this is what transpired: “We do not want, Sir, our Southern neighbours to interfere in our development. I should like to make it clear to you that if the British quitted Nigeria now at this stage the Northern people would continue their interrupted conquest to the sea.”

{Mallam Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, who later became the PM at Independence, in a letter to Sir Arthur Richards, later Lord Milverton, year was 1947 a few months before the Richards constitution was enacted and imposed on the indigenous people of the Eastern region. }

In 1824, Hugh Clapperton, a British explorer of Scottish descent, visited Sackatoo (Sokoto). He met Sultan Muhammed Bello, who had succeeded his father, Othman Dan Fodio, as Sarkin Musulmi (Commander of the Faithful) of the Caliphate.

Sultan Bello was very learned. He had studied under his father and had been to Mecca. Sultan Mohammed knew the history of Europe, the British, and the fact they had conquered India.

Hugh Clapperton claimed that he was a representative of the King of England. Sultan Bello, being a shrewd man demanded to sign a trade agreement with Hugh Clapperton in exchange for assistance to secure his caliphate.

In the course of the negotiation, Sultan Bello claimed that his caliphate extended southwards across the Quarra (Niger) River past the country of the Yowriba and Yarba, down to where the river entered the sea and Christian ships come to buy slaves.

“I will give the King of England,” says he, “a place on the coast to build a town; only I wish a road to be cut to Rakah, if vessels should not be able to navigate the river.” Hugh Clapperton asked him if the country he promised to give belonged to him ? “Yes,” said he, “God has given me all the land of the infidels.” This was an answer that admitted of no contradiction.

Sultan Bello drew on the sand the course of the Quarra, with the outline of the adjoining countries, down to where the river is “as wide as from Kano to Katagum, and the waters salt.” to show his territory

Based on this description, Sultan Bello and Hugh Clapperton, as representative of the King of England, signed an agreement.

That agreement formed the basis of the British conquest of Southern Nigeria with Northern soldiers. These soldiers formed the nucleus of the Nigerian army, with an Arabic inscription in its Coat of Arms.

That agreement the real basis for the amalgamation of the North and South in 1914, and when Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto stated in 1960, “This New Nation called Nigeria, should be an estate of our great grand father, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power.” he was merely re-stating the terms.

That agreement was the reason why the South had to wait for the North for independence, and for the skewed population that favors North to prevent any change in power.

When in July 1966 some Northern soldiers, not knowing the terms of the agreement, where shouting Araba! Araba!, the British drew them aside and admonished that they cannot abandon the estate God gave to their forefathers. And that agreement was the reason Britain, an otherwise Christian nation, supervised the genocide in Biafra, another aspiring Christian nation.

That agreement was the reason the election of Chief MKO Abiola was annulled, and after years of Northern control and the death of the warder and his prisoner, a trusted ally called Olusegun Obasanjo was hand picked by the North to hold power in due course.

That agreement was the reason President Jonathan was hounded out of office, having overstayed his welcome by 4 years. He was to only serve out Umaru Yar’Adua’s term.

That agreement is the reason why Nnamdi Kanu, a British citizen of Southern Nigerian ancestry, was held illegally detained in Nigeria and Britain, who once secured the release of their Nigerian-born lady citizen for drug trafficking in Indonesia, could not even discuss it in their parliament. They chose the Pontius Pilate option which can be interpreted to an evil neutrality or cold complicity. They write fake letters to make it seem they care but in reality they don’t. Some time ago, the British defense minister was in Kano, Maiduguri and sokoto. He never visited any Place in the South. He don’t even visit Abuja. He just went to meet their caretakers of their Zoo and promptly left. Tony Blair was also in Kaduna sometime In ago too remember, he too didn’t even stop over at Abuja, he just went to assure their landlords that they have their support.

That agreement is the basis why Baru will award contracts worth $25Bn and Ibe Kachikwu can’t utter a word about it. That agreement is the basis why the whole matter will be swept under the carpet.

That agreement is the basis why All the top Emirs of the North own Oil well and some are top stakeholders in Oil sector but the House heads, Chiefs in creeks own nothing. They must make so with chicken feed in the guise of Amnesty deals or monthly settlements or have their villages invaded, their women raped and their young men killed.

That agreement is the reason Restructuring can NEVER EVER materialise no matter how long and hard you cry. If you decide to embark on Armed struggle, the British government will definitely side with them.

Ohaneze ndi iberibe knows this but they’ve been bought and paid for. That’s why they were invited to Chatham House. In private they made it clear to him that their will be NO change In the Status Quo ante. So forget it! Restructuring is Fraud. Big Fraud to buy time.

That agreement is the reason BIAFRA makes them shit in their pants. Whenever they hear Biafra it gives them heart attack.

That agreement, written in Arabic, is the basis of Southern slavery, the subjugation of the infidels, today. And Ndi Igbo has been the main opposition to the full implementation of that evil pact.



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