Prof Ben Ayade :The worst governor Cross River State ever had.

A report reaching us from Obudu local government area of Cross River State that Prof. Ben Ayade who is the governor of the state is chasing people away from their ancestral homes, demolishing their houses and destroying farms with the claim of building what he call an international airport.

Not too long ago the bekwarra, Gakem, Inyanya and other communities of cross River State cries out after prof Ben Ayade destroyed farms, graves, houses and chased the villagers out of their ancestorial homes with the claim of building what he call A super high way, this action appears to be laughable.

To worst the situation Prof. Ben Ayade decided to compensate the victims who’s lands, farms and houses are destroyed with just five thousand naira (N5,000) to over N15,000 victims and one can only get this if lucky.

Talking about misplaced priorities in a state where public schools and healthcare system are in total shambles.

To counter my arguments, I have been told that this Governor pays salaries early (whatever that means). But the question is: what is the use of a salary when there are no good schools to send your child(ren) and where people prefer to be treated at home rather than going to the hospital? The truth is, if our education system had been in proper shape, we probably would have been made to understand that whilst paying salaries is good, it is NOT a yardstick of measuring a public office holder’s performance.

To make the record straight, Prof Ben Ayade proposed to said construct what he called a “superhighway”, and that he needed a loan of N648,870,730,739.23 to execute the project, and that the State had to repay that loan for 180 years – approximately two centuries of inherited slavery for generations yet unborn. Indeed, it has been established beyond reasonable doubt that this Governor is a specialist in misplacing priorities.

My heart is with the brave women who thronged out en-mass to stage protests in a bid to confront Ayade’s rascality and highhandedness. Supporters of Ayade’s arrogance have called on the protesters to follow “due process” in expressing their grievances. Laughable! It is my sustained argument that the governor’s victims CANNOT be compelled to follow due process when the Governor himself abandoned same in destroying homes and farms of people who have never benefited from their government.

In all, people must always remember that the danger of nurturing a monster is that one day the monster turns against its master. The electorates twice made this terrible choice, that choice has today become a threat to the collective existence of everyone.

Ben Ayade the worst governor

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