Suicide is not a solution to problems, say no suicide and live.

The rate which suicide news is spreading in Nigeria is alarming, suicide has become a short cut to solve problems, young men now commit suicide at will, I therefor call on all Nigerians to join the campaign against suicide.

Investigation has been alleged with all fingers pointing at DEPRESSION to be the cause, but why depression? What is even this depression? What is the cause of depression? And how can this viral ‘disease’ be cured?

Just last month 4 handsome and energetic youths took their life because of depression.

And now another young handsome gospel singer named Micheal ended his life in Abuja for a reason yet to be confirmed but all fingers pointing at depression, his friends are not taking it slowly as this action has got everyone talking especially his social media friends who took to their media handles to express their shooks.

The rate of suicide commission is now on a very high increase. I wounder what could be the cause.
little investigation fingers pointing at DEPRESSION to be the cause.
But why depression? What is even this depression? What is the cause of depression? And how can this viral ‘disease’ be cured?

In a development, a lady identified as Gloria wrote and I quote : “Why do true worshipers suffer much affliction?… RIP but suicide is not the option bro, I saw your post on ”when you feel like quitting” and I shed tears, maybe that’s when the whole thing was too much on you… Anyways your story is yet unfold, I can’t believe that a handsome vibrant young man like you will take his life for the sake of ordinary house rent wahala…. Haba bros you should hv inbox me for help and I will gladly help you…hmmm God knows what happened… There’s no rest for those who took their own life.” In another development another of his friend (female) who is believed to be a member of the church where Michael worship wrote

Biko Allow me to scatter this TABLE

He comes to church for digging deep, revival hour, Sunday service 1,2,3 and all night every last Friday of the month…

But you never asked Micheal how do you live?

He will sing praise with so much passion, jump and dance like me and make you worship to forget your sorrows, cry your heart out and sometimes during his worship you get your healing…..

But you never met him to ask him how much is your house rent or do you have food stuff?

Many of us worship leaders have been frustred and mocked ,while doing our service unto the Lord, not bcos some of us are strong is the reason why you feel Micheal was weak… We could have taken our own lives but instead a large number of us left the church to play in club houses…..

Since you decided not to appreciate your own the Lord will definitely require his or her blood in your hand….

My advice to every musician and praise and worship leader is this, make sure you have something doing to earn you a living because the church will leave you stranded if you put your trust in them… Yes I said it and am not taking it back…..

Micheal may your soul rest on may the Lord who’s the just king judge us all… Amen.

In another development a comment by Adaobi Sandra on Segun Steven Makanjuola a close a Friend to #Michael Arowosaiye says

“My people everything here is true, Michael is my friend, as in close friend, I met Michael in Abuja we got close, he opened up to me that he was depressed because a girl in d choir whom he loves so much, jilted him for another guy, he didn’t eat for days, I called him over to my place, and talked to him, I even wanted him have a close relationship with my friend so that he could forget about d girl, sometimes I’ll tell him to call d girl so I can talk to her, she won’t pick up, I told him to move on that d girl does not love him, and this girl is in d choir, I told him he would meet a girl that would love him, it got to d extent that Michael would not cheat on d girl for any cause, I called him one day he told me he had move on with his life, and ready to face life, Michael found love again, and arrangements made for their wedding, d first girl came up with excuses about how she dated Michael, and went as far as bringing out nude picture of d guy, I can’t just believe Michael killed himself, absolutely not true, his ex should be investigated too, as of last week he called if I was in Abuja so he could come to my place to talk things with me, I told him am in lagos with my kids, that whenever am in Abuja, I’ll see him, Michaels death is not ordinary,”.

so many stories has emerged immediately after Michael’s death, some people said that the young man took his life because he had no money to renew his rentage but this story hold no grounds in reality, evidence also shows that Micheal who is a gospel singer and we’ll known for his powerful worship and praise spirit took his life after discovering that his secret sex tape was released to the public at the time when he was planning his wedding.

With all this allegations, suicide couldn’t have be the solution, this young man has a pastor all this pastors care about is tithes and offerings they don’t care about them well of their members, church is the best place to end suicide. #suicideisnotasolution


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