I have ZERO tolerance for rape sympathizers princess “Barrister” Adesanya react to rape cases

Barr Adensaya

There is no justification for rape, none at all. So what if it took her years to find her voice ? It still doesn’t downplay the gravity of what happened . She probably was scared of the bashing she would get… which she still got. And mostly from women at that!!

A woman said “Why is she speaking up now? She just wants to tarnish his image because he is now popular.” And I wonder about the quantity of shit occupying her head space . He is first a MAN before anything.

That is how rape victims are silenced everyday in this country. The victims take the bashing.

What were you wearing?

Don’t tell anybody, it will bring shame upon your family

He is your uncle, don’t break up the family

Your father raped you? You must be lying

He is our church pastor. Touch not my anointed

I sincerely fear for our women and daughters unborn.
This is a serious allegation and a mere glossing over it by using the popular phrase “It is to scatter the body of Christ” is not acceptable.

I’ve got a serious problem with Christians who gloss over issues that need to be reviewed critically by dishing out a cliche or saying “touch not my anointed”.

And for those saying she has nothing to lose, download some sense from playstore.

At one point in our lives, women have been sexually abused. Not necessarily raped but definitely abused in one form or the other. And most times, they happen when we were too young to process what was happening and resistance didn’t come to mind either. Now, are you saying the fact that there was no resistance means consent?

There was an uncle who lived downstairs when I was just about 14. Every time, He would come around to greet my parents and always wanted time with me so we could speak Igbo. This uncle always placed my hand on his penis and held it there for me to feel his erection. I wasn’t sure on how to react because I couldn’t process it but every nerve in my body screamed that it was wrong. I didn’t tell my mother or anyone because this man was a respected and gentle believer. Who would believe me? So I started avoiding him. I have never spoken about it until now. It took me about two decades. Does that mean I consented to the massaging of his penis back then? I would look into his eyes today and repeat all this.

She was a minor when it happened. Resistance almost never comes to mind when a minor is being abused. And can people stop hiding behind the veil of religion already? It’s annoying!!

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