Anger in marriage

I choose to share my marriage experiences with the general public so every who cares to learn, can learn from it, below is my experiences in marriage.

My husband and I fought because of his excessive calls.

The way women call him in my presence and sometimes, he will silent his phone and leave the caller to be calling.

This marriage is just four years old and my husband can’t respect me at all.

These people calling are his ex-girlfriends, and even, I have tried blocking many and they still call through another number! Last week Friday, he was outside washing his car, because Friday is his work free day, and I was inside with my baby and his phone rang. I saw Daniel as the caller and picked it up, it was a woman’s voice and the caller said where is my husband? I asked her if she’s the owner of the line she is calling with, she said yes and that where is my husband.

I told her that he was busy, she said ok let him call her back and went off.
So he came back into the house, I started asking him why he stored a woman’s number with Daniel?

He said who gave me right to his phone. That it seems I have gone mad? I told him that he’s the person who is mad and not me. He turned, raised his hand and I told him not to dare do that unless he will see the worst and before I knew it, he hit me. I was holding our one and half years old baby in my hand, I quickly dropped our son, picked the stool by the side and hit him on his shoulder.

He kicked me and I hit him again on his left leg. I ran to pick my baby to run out of the house, he dragged me back and hit me on my hand and kicked me badly. I dragged his leg and he fell, hit his head on the floor and the back of his head opened that was when he got up and took a stool threw it at me but it went straight to the flat screen television on the wall and it broke.

I ran out of the house and was shouting for help and the neighbours came to my rescue. I am the first child of my parents, presently now am in my parent’s place now, my mother and siblings are making my life unbearable. My husband is at the hospital since three weeks ago now and I heard that before they rushed him to the hospital, he took my clothes and all my certificates and burnt them to ashes!
After narrating what happened to my parents and siblings, they told me that I was wrong in all angle. My parents have gone to see my husband at the hospital and they told me he’s badly injured and the doctor said his head injury is so deep and it happened at the delicate place.

My mother demanded that I go visit him at the hospital and I should get ready to go back to my husbands house
He’s 37 years and am 35 years old.

What is your advice to the woman?
Is this woman justified by her action towards her husband?

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