We all remember how the arewa group lead by Abdulazeez Suileman gave the federal government ultimatum of 30days to rescind the suspension order on the ruga settlement entrapment or else they will result to their own way of solving problems and the recent killing and kidnapping allegedly linked to the Fulani herdsmen has given all Nigerians reasons to believe that, this is their own way of solving problems. Its in record that Suleiman threatened that all the southerners residing in the north will not be allowed to enjoy the wealth of the north if RUGA is not recall and implemented and the federal government did not considered the speech a felony or treasonous, no arrest was made, they are still moving freely.

They had the temerity to make that utterance because they have the backing of the federal government and they can say or kill anyone and nothing will happen.

Just yesterday evening been July 12, 2019 Chief Reuben Fasoranti, the Chairman of Afenifere daughter Mrs. Funke Olakunrin was slaughtered to death at Ore, I know people will start yapping nonsense about this but this is a coordinated and planned attacked, what they said has started manifesting.

First of all, I condemn the killing of that lovely Lady and I send my condolence to the family of the Fasoranti for this great lost and I pray God give them strength to bear the lost. I love the way the yorubas always says Igbos are not united and don’t love each other, now to me the Fulani has hit the people of Yoruba in a place where I cannot start to comprehend, now a Yoruba man is a vice president and this happens, let me sit and watch this home video where the vice president will find a way to defend his masters, I hate calling his name.

The Fulani is holding the whole country to ransom, few days ago, the shitt Muslim protest for the release of their
Sheikh Ibrahim El Zakzaky that lead to casualties (burning of vehicles, injured police men on duty etc) and that same yesterday they kill the Afenifere chairman’s daughter, and these same people is causing mayhem in South east.

These minority tribe in Nigeria is holding the majority hostage in their various ancestoral lands and we are yapping rubbish.

It is time the great people of oduduwa, the shia Muslims, the biafrans to come together and drive these terrorist out of Nigeria because if we don’t, they will drive us out of our lands, their mayhem is not even started yet, what they are planning is to unleash hell to every part that rejected ruga settlement so the people will no longer have choice than to see the ruga settlement entrapment to be the only choice of peace between the fulani, but I say to them, rubbish, the time to act is now, these Fulani people are the minority and they have the full strength of the federal government, but if we stand together, it is a game over for them.


Enough is enough…

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