I bowed my head in shame as a Yoruba man by Femi Fani-Kayode

The former Minister has this to say!

There are two moments in history when, as a Yoruba, I bowed my head in shame. The first was in 1966 when Yoruba leaders and traditional rulers went to the north after the massacar of 100,000 Igbo civilians to “thank” northern leaders for not allowing the mob to kill Yorubas as well.

The second was in 2019 when, two weeks after the daughter of the leader of Afenifere was murdered on the steets of the South West by Fulani herdsmen, Yoruba traditional rulers went to the north to pledge their loyalty and support to Buhari and thank him for “a job well done”.

Femi fani-kayode

These two events were moments of shame. You do not pay homage to and thank tigers for not eating you for breakfast: you oppose and resist them!

Again you do not thank tyrants for not doing their duty and protecting the lives and property of your people: you call them to account, you hold them responsible and you keep them on their toes!

In 1966, before the outbreak of the civil war, 100,000 Igbo civilians were massacared in three months in the north and we the Yoruba did nothing to help them. Instead we crawled to the north to thank those that slaughtered them after it was all over.

43 years later in 2019, Baba Reuben Fasoranti’s daughter was murdered in cold blood (together with thousands of other Yoruba sons and daughters over the last few months), by Fulani terrorists in the streets of the South West and we have done absolutely NOTHING about it or made ANY concrete plans or efforts to defend our people.

Instead of doing so we crawled to the north to “thank” a President who is meant to protect us from the Fulani terrorists and guarantee our safety but who has refused and failed to do so.

What makes it even worse is that that same President has put every single military, security and intelligence agency, except for the Navy, in the hands of northern Muslims and he has pointedly refused to declare the Fulani herdsmen as terrorists simply because he has a soft spot for them and they come from the same place.

It is time for the Yoruba nation to wake up, smell the coffee and take a new approach to these matters. The crawling has to stop!

We are not cowards, beggars and crawlers: we are bigger and better than that. We are a nation within a nation. We are 60 million strong and we are spread throughout the world.

We are a strong, proud, rich, honorable, humble, wise and noble people who are excellent in all our ways, who hate injustice and who have a kind, loving, accomodating, forgiving and liberal disposition.

Humility, charity, long-suffering and the ability to stomach all manner of insults, provocation and impudence from those far below us for long periods of time comes naturally to us but cowardice, stupidity, weakness and capitulation before those that physically attack our people is alien to us and is not in our genes.

We NEVER and we have never bowed to our invaders. We have always resisted them and we have always done so ruthlessly and successfully.

Once we decide to rise and stand firm, we are unbeatable. History proves that. We are slow to anger but irresistable in battle.

It is because of this that I daresay that we deserve a far better quality of leadership than what we are presently witnessing.

It is time for us to get real and accept the fact that the threat we are facing is existential.

History and posterity will not be kind to those of us that betray our people or that align with the aliens and unbelievers that desire to wipe us out and turn us into slaves.

( Femi Fani-Kayode 8th August, 2019)

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