Bekwarra Youth Vanguard by Austine Obogo

We have seen it all that democracy in Africa is in the state of quagmire and we all especially the youth can’t continue to fold our hands and watch our people suffer.
we have needs ranging from
1.epileptic power supply pipe borne water public Library
In bekwarra local government of cross river state, there’s nothing like

  1. Street lights
  2. No youth Secretariat, neither a youth coalition or forum.
  3. No youth yearly project
  4. No means of generating income by the youth. And this is dangerous. funny enough we have a governor (prof. Ben Ayade) who claim to be a digital Governor only in the media I don’t know when he will be a digital governor on ground.

It hot to see 70% of bekwarra youth of cross river state engaging in menial jobs like house help, servants, labourers, drivers, cleaners, gatemen/securities, farmers etc. though not as if its that bad.

Bekwarra youth are very intelligent, hard working, creative, homely and can
be trusted to an extend.

Bekwarra ladies engaged into prostitution because of the situation they find their selves.

Bekwarra ladies are the most unique and beautiful ladies in Nigeria , I stand to be corrected but for me I have passed my judgement, don’t they deserve better than what they are getting ?

A tree can not make a forest but most definitely a tree can start a forest.

In Israel the Jewish secret of wealth is that, they don’t live each other behind and its writtwn in the bible, they help each other grow, today google, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, CNN, and many more world biggest fame are own by Israelite, we can achieve the same result if we can keep greed, pride, arrogance and selfishness aside, but by the grace of God Almighty that beautiful steps toward achieving a greater and progressive bekwarra will start with us, we will adopt that method of the Jewish nation and we will grow to the level that Africa countries will recognise us.

The secret of Igbo’s is also similar to that of the Jews, they help each other to succeed an Igbo man or woman who own a shop will go back to his community to pick a sales boy/servant who will eventually serve for couple of years and be settled or better still call it ESTABLISHED and the new boss will do same to another young servant and the old boss will go back again to pick another servant, one shop has change the life of 3 persons already that’s why Igbo’s are who they are today.

If you employ an Hausa man as a gate man if he’s living he will bring his brother to continue with the job, Hausa man will share his shop with another man to sale even the same thing as his and they will stay in peace that’s why it looks as if things are alright with them.

Where does bekwarra stands in all these that I have mentioned ?

What are you doing for a living? Can you carry one person along with you? What did you know how to do very well that can fetch you money, can you carry just one person along with you? Are you working in organization? Maybe you should try for someone to get a job in that office.

Can you help one person from your family grow ?
Sure we can, yes I said we can and because we can do it even better.

Maybe you should try sending one person from your community to school and see the result in few years to come.

Human development/investment is a very big investment.

This family (BEKWARRA YOUTH VANGUARD) will invest on the young generation.

Trafficking is a new method of slavery and it’s appears that’s the only business the youth back home knows how to do best, deceiving young children and move them to the west to clear forest. I travel to Benin and ondo for evangelism work and I wept for days even when I got back to Lagos I couldn’t stop thinking about it, i saw our youth i mean promising young boys and girls bringing down forest, a place where the owner of the farm can’t enter your brothers and sister are entering and clearing forest of cocoa for God knows who, only to get 100k at the end of the year and their slave masters will still take share out of the 100k some don’t make it back home alive, some make it but not without deceases or illness that might cut shot their lives and probably infect others with it, what affect one affect all of us, we complain that the youth don’t have respect, help them and see if they will not respect you, we can stop this trafficking and make our nation a better one.

We are the
proudly bekwarra youth vanguard.

Bekwarra our hope.
Bekwarra our home
Evangelist Austine Obogo

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