You can’t kill an idea with bullet-Austine obogo

Austine obogo wrote; You can’t KILL an idea with bullet, especially when it has grown and matured. Bullet only split the idea into billion pieces spread all over the world and some of these pieces can even dwell right inside your scrutom and it might remain there for ever and know what that means.

The best and only way to kill an idea is counter the idea with a superior idea that is implementable.

light and darkness can not live together. Can a goat and a yam live peacefully?
Can a Tiger make friends with a Gazelle?
God and Satan can not inhabit the 3rd Heaven together.

If you hate me and hate you back it means we are not friends at all, so why then are we still under one roof, one of us must be a parasite and the other is the host, which among the two are you?
Moreover, this hatred is forever. Which means, there will never be peace, love and oneness between us, some day we will surely path ways for peace to reign because deep down our heart we know that we are not friends

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