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cultural values defines Africa, this is igbo masquerade during festivals

Cultural values defines Africa, this is igbos masquerade during festivals. Most even in igbo land is mark with masquerade dance, masquerade symbolizes greatness and it is often use during festivals and occasions like new yam festivals, burial etc. The igbo masquerade doesn’t come out all the time it comes out when there’s a new for

Idoma Culture and traditions

Idoma Cultures & Tradition The Idomas are indigenes of Benue State in North-central Nigeria, by the South-eastern flank of the region. Known to be the second largest ethnic group in the state and occupying nine local government areas, they are not only humble in nature, but are also hospitable. Idoma people are very nice and

Jukun Traditional marriage/culture

ABOUT THE JUKUN PEOPLE IN BRIEF Jukun people occupied a town call Wukari in Taraba state of Nigeria; they commonly believed to be descendants of the people of Kwararafa kingdom, one of the most powerful Sudanic kingdoms during the late European Middle Ages. The Jukun traditionally possessed a complex system of offices, which had both

Tiv Culture: One of the most outstanding culture in Nigeria

The Beautiful Culture and Tradition of a Tiv Nation. Where To Find Tiv People. Tiv people are found in the middle belt region of Nigeria from Benue, Nassarawa, Taraba, plateau state and also part Cameron. Fact About Tiv People Tiv people are predominantly Christians, lovely people, dedicated, hard working, strong and entertaining. Tiv people are

The Captivating Thing About BEKWARRA People of Cross River

  BEKWARRA The name Bekwarra refers to the people, the language and the territory. They are said to be among the Kwa branch of the Niger Congo family languages. It was recorded that the origin of Bekwarra is discernible from two theories. The first traces the historical background of Bekwarra to Bette in present day