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The Leader of Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, reacting on the death of Madam Funke Fasoranti the daughter of Afenifere Chairman, sends a strong message to Yoruba race. The brazen terror attack on Yoruba soil by Fulani terrorists yesterday must not go unanswered. Let the murder of the daughter of Afenifere Chairman Funke

Anger in marriage

I choose to share my marriage experiences with the general public so every who cares to learn, can learn from it, below is my experiences in marriage. My husband and I fought because of his excessive calls. The way women call him in my presence and sometimes, he will silent his phone and leave the

16 years old secondary school boy (prince) crown as king in Nigeria

OKELUSE IN ONDO-STATE CROWNS 16 YEARS OLD BOY AS NEW OBA A 16-year-old has been enthroned as the new Ojima Arujale of Okeluse in Ose Local government area of Ondo state. He is Oba Adeyeoba Oloyede Adekoya, Akinghare II, a Senior Secondary School 11 student. A source from the community confirmed that the young king

Prof Ben Ayade :The worst governor Cross River State ever had.

A report reaching us from Obudu local government area of Cross River State that Prof. Ben Ayade who is the governor of the state is chasing people away from their ancestral homes, demolishing their houses and destroying farms with the claim of building what he call an international airport. Not too long ago the bekwarra,

History can’t lie, see the agreement that sold out Nigeria

Written by Austine Obogo before 1914 they was a visitor named Hugh Clapperton, and this is what transpired: “We do not want, Sir, our Southern neighbours to interfere in our development. I should like to make it clear to you that if the British quitted Nigeria now at this stage the Northern people would continue

Suicide is not a solution to problems, say no suicide and live.

The rate which suicide news is spreading in Nigeria is alarming, suicide has become a short cut to solve problems, young men now commit suicide at will, I therefor call on all Nigerians to join the campaign against suicide. Investigation has been alleged with all fingers pointing at DEPRESSION to be the cause, but why