Now If you look at the pictures attached to this sermon, you will notice that the religious leaders are wearing a hat that looks like an open mouth of a fish. I know that many of you have seen a “fish” symbol on cars and that symbol and we will say it’s a sign “Christianity”.

The Hidden History Of Our Stolen Identity Revealed

HOW THEY TOOK OUR IDENTITY Africans behaves the way they do because, so many histories about Africans that could redeem the African spirit in us are still hidden and might not be known until the end of the world. they white did not only came to take us as slaves but to hold us captives

Before marriage

the step you must take before marriage, marriage is one institution that offers certificates before you begins your study Unlike a school where you study and the exams will be set based on what you have been taught before getting the certificate. In marriage you get the certificate before you even starts studying this means


Genevieve Nnaji a popular beautiful Nollywood actor and award winning film producer is gradually becoming a love doctor by the day, her message to the singles and young ladies who are in relationships or about getting into relationship has been one of the best. This time around she tag it MATURE WAY OF BEING IN

Romance :Question of the year

As a young man, you have a lady you are dating and you love her so much but each time you both are together she keeps appreciating your neighbor’s handsomeness and admire other guys look too. What does that mean to you? A. She prefer Your neighbor than you B. she doesn’t regard you as

The wrong impression about a woman.

Written by: Empress Amara Edited by Austine Obogo for enejist Women are nation builders but the Society we live in, the tradition we practice, the religion we believe in, the culture we hold on to and the customs of the people has placed a woman on the state of victim. When Crisis breakout in a

The final Burial

By Austine Obogo (Enejist) Its a story of an old poor woman who died and was to be married with an expensive casket in a well build and designed grave. its not a real story but a vision and imagination, this article describe how the dead are being treated but often abandoned while alive. Most